Saturday, December 7, 2013

Snow Time

Hi Everyone! Hope you had a wonderful Thankgiving! Yes, December, time goes fast, but if you enjoy most of year and did good,  it is awesome. For this month I did a layout inspire in one of Wilna's work in Two Peas, she is giving a course there and I would like to take it. I use the gelatos for first time and the Chalkboard card stock. I was collecting all the tools together for quiet some time ago and the gelatos was my last acquisition. I use MME chalk Studio, Teresa Collins, Dear Lizzy, , Bella BLVD and  American Crafts. No challenges so far for this post, I did it for fun. Note: sorry how the picture looks.I had to change one the chosen pictures, a little change to my original.


Have a happy purple day!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thankful 2013

November is my favorite month. Last Sunday was my Birthday. I had great time and the fact it was Sunday this year it was even better. Every sunset in the weekend was a surprise detail, I was peaceful and thankful to be with my husband and spend my day with my family.  I gave thanks for a little-big things in my life.The past month I found Scrappin Everyday Miracles so I'm happy to participate and it is good timing for this month layout. It is also appropiate with this month color palette of gargamellscrap  Hope you enjoy it.

Noviembre es mi mes favorito. El domingo pasado fue mi cumpleaños. Me lo pasé de maravilla y el hecho de que era domingo este año fue incluso mejor. Cada puesta de sol en el fin de semana fue un detalle sorpresa, yo estaba tranquila y agradecida de estar con mi esposo y pasar el día con mi familia. Le di las gracias por los pequeños y grandes cosas en mi vida. El mes pasado encontre Scrappin Everyday Miracles, así que estoy feliz de participar y es un buen momento para este diseño meses. También es apropiado con la paleta de colores del mes en  gargamellscrap. Espero que lo disfruten.

 Autumn flowers on my B-day.


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Monday, October 7, 2013

Purpose in Life - Lines of Reflection

The other day I was studying 2 question for our gathering bible study, I stumble with this website talking about purpose in life.  Purpose it is most common use in terms of our desires and  acquisitive-carnal world. The lecture make you really immerse, be reflective in our goals and purpose in spiritually terms. 

I really was inspired by the following text from The Character of Purpose By Dr. Richard J. Krejcir :

Purpose means knowing who we are in Christ and what He has done for us, then acting out our relationship and redemption by being obedient to God's will. It is the pursuit of God so He becomes the driving force, inspiration, motivation, and reason for all we do in life. That is, we devote our life, character, virtue, Spiritual Gifts, abilities, and call so the best can be realized in all people and all situations. The meaning of life is not about career, money, or power; it is about relationships and developing character.
 We must realize our circumstances are temporary. Our life here and now is not the ultimate purpose for our lives or God's plan. We are in the process of learning and growing. Our situations and relationships will grow and change, while new opportunities will be brought to us; but, most importantly of all, our ultimate meaning of life will have eternal treasure and results. We will be able to take our eyes off our problems, place them on Christ, and follow His lead for more impact and meaning in life that will bring more hope and contentment.
Purpose will bring you a life that has a reason to itGod created you as special and unique; He gave you talents and abilities, and brings you opportunities to use them. Purpose will help you see these aspects, His call, and your prospects. Then you will be willing and able to put your faith into action for His glory. The side effects? A life that is more joyful and content! Yes, there will be ups and downs, but with the Creator on your side, any plans you may have had become insignificant; they would not bring you even close to a life that is meaningful!

That remind me  Matthew 6:33 All things we will be add,  if we seek Him first. This include studying his word and transform our lifestyle and relationships with others. That way we can find peace, fulfillment and a long life.

One of the first quotes I repost in Internet said: When you add Zeros successively to digit one, you get figure whose value increases proportionally; a hundred, a thousand, a million, etc. but without the digit one before them, they are of no value. Similarly God is the number one'' in all the values of life. If  you leave Him out of the picture in life's  pursuits, those pursuits become a string of worthless zeros. Sri Ra.

My layout is based in Matthew 5:1-9, my picture was taken at Arbel Cliff Israel, I had the opportunity to visit this precious land and climbing a lot of mountains and being sitting here make me remind me when Yeshua (Christ )was teaching to the disciples and the people who follow him.  

I want to participate with scrapafrica sketch No.22 and this my final view from it.


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Far from Home

When your dreams fight with the distance and you feel the need to rely in your mama and papa understanding and love, for they words of view, whether you like or not, when your complain, they give you words of healing and days in recovery become shorter. Between the Caribbean and the North there is a big ocean. I wish have them from some road ride hours, and receive their hugs and their sweet silly joke.

This path is for grow and appreciate even more what I have right now, and rather to fight, accept my journey, perceive who are in my around, no matter my circumstance and not matter their circumstance.
I know I will have the courage, patient every day, I know I will be able to walk again with faith in my YHWH.

Each new day is a blessing, I can breath, I can see you , your kindness, support, your smile, your love, your flowers, the sweet meals surprises, there 's so much beauty in this situation and I can see in you Esposo, te amo.


Monday, August 19, 2013


Most  of my weekends I'm on the go!!! I travel like the image you are going to see more bellow, the 4 door car become like a convertible of only 2 doors available because the trunk is full as the back seat of the car. It remind the most my 4th of July weekend my fist dip in our lake, and my fist fireworks nights in the states. It was super special weekend.

 La mayor parte de mis fines de semana es sobre ruedas lol, muy parecido a la imagen que veras mas abajo, el carro de 4 puertas se convierte en un convertible de 2 puertas. Me recuerda mi 4 de julio fin de semana, muy especial.

I've been seen that some stores are promoting and offers  print pictures direct from your cellphone with some apps, also I found this useful device : LG PD233 Pocket Photo Printer, the printer is compatible with Android and iOS devices, no ink cartridge needed to print out, measuring just 72 x 120 x 24 mm and weighing just 215 grams, supports Bluetooth and Near Field Communication (NFC).Thanks to the size of the device it easily fits in the palm of one's hand or inside a jacket pocket when not in use. Definitely in my wishlist, it is so practical for our layouts projects. Do you like it too??

He visto cómo algunas tiendas están promoviendo y ofrecen imprimir las fotografías directamente desde su teléfono móvil con algunas aplicaciones, también encontré este dispositivo útil que imprime de una manera sencilla: LG PD233 Pocket Photo Printer, la impresora es compatible con Android y iOS dispositivos, sin tinta punta lo necesario para imprimir, que mide tan sólo 72 x 120 x 24 mm y un peso de sólo 215 gramos, soporta Bluetooth y Near Field Communication (NFC). Gracias al tamaño del dispositivo cabe fácilmente en la palma de la mano o dentro de un bolsillo de la chaqueta cuando no esté en uso. Es tan práctico para nuestros proyectos de diseños. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Song Hop

Hola a todas! Como yo no soy un blogger semanal, decidí participar en Song Hop, Desafío del kits de Somni y hacer algunos amigos bloggers latinos. La canción que me toco : La Rosa de los Vientos, es una hermosa canción que pertenece al cantante y escritor Rubén Blades de Panamá, creo que es la canción perfecta para mí porque me hizo recordar mi país República Dominicana, que echo de menos , mi familia y amigos que deje allí. He estado escribiendo en Inglés por lo que para los nuevos amigos y para el desafío inclui esta seccion en Inglés y Español también. La cancion fue escogida por : Stella
Yo decidi hacer esta tarjeta con una bonita rosa roja como el titulo de la cancion : La Rosa de Los Vientos  y se la dedico a mi amiga Sandy que es de Panama. 

Si quieres oir la cancion dale click :Rosa de los vientos Video

Hey All!  As I'm not a weekly blogger, I decided to roll in Hop Song Challenge from Kit de Somni and make some latin friends, I though it would be fun. The song  they provide to me La Rosa de los Vientos, it is a beautiful song who belongs to the singer-writer Ruben Blades from Panama, I think it is the perfect song for me because it made me remember my country Dominican Republic which I miss it, most my family and friends I let there. I've been writing in English so for the new friends and for the Challenge I might include in the post English and Spanish also. The song was chosen by Stella
I decided to do this card with a beautiful Red Rose as the song tittle LA ROSA DE LOS VIENTOS.
and I dedicate to my  friend Sandy that is from Panama.
If you want to hear the song click here :hear the song

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Full Moon

 Hello, There's  no doubt that Internet is a infinite page book for inspiration. I've been surfing and found lots of amazing websites.  I hope I can join some layout challenges, From the set I got in the last days, I started with this photo that my hubby and I took 2 days before coming to America last February. Also you will see some of the  pictures landscape of my weekend.

Full Moon 05/23/2013


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

While I was sleeping...

The other day while I was sleeping I dreamed I was taking a test and I didn't know the answer of any of the question, it was a open question exam so I made up all the answers with the things I barely remembered. It is says our daily lives is the seedbed of our dreams. I haven't take any exam yet,  I don't need Sigmund Freud for this, but it is clear how jumpy I've been all this past days for my upcoming test someday in the near future. I'm reading the DMV's manual. I think Freud may tell me I'm  letting my brain gain control over my emotions. Time for me to wear my Armor.

Meanwhile I'm happy because my first  Two Peas goodies order arrived on the weekened.  So I will be posting in the gallery website more ahead.

I could ride with my father-in law this futuristic machine this last weekend, it was fun.

Do you usually dream??

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Welcome Layout!!!

Last febrary  I did a post: (  Living Colorfully )  about all the amazing  adventures I've been living not only in that month also this year. I use this colorful collage picture of the welcome get-together hosted by my mother in-law. Well this is not my first Layout of this year but it is the first Layout I made public for a  NSD 2013 CHALLENGEs Challenge #7: Be Inspired by a Garden Girl .  I picked  Wilna. I Love her albums and projects, she always use pastel colors and it aways looks very sublime.  I used 12x 12 paper card stock in white, miss Caroline by Jen  Allyson for the butterflies and Cosmo Cricket for the date Label plus premium ribbon and glitter letter stickers from American Craft in Yellow.

So exciting, this is my first project challenge and I looking for to stay connected  to Two Peas, hope you pick me and thanks for visiting me.


What do you think???

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Hey I got my hair Purple :-D . I decided after long time. My hair is natural black but I needed a change for the upcoming summer.

Early this April, a day after my hubby b-day, we went to Washington D.C. to the Cherry Blossom Festival. What a neat city, a lot of tourists We visited most of the monuments. museums and important buildings. As we do not walk enough in our travel in March :-D. We enjoyed our see-view of the city. I think next time will be in bike.

 Finally!!! we found Papa Johns.

Ok, I have to tell u guys April fool hasn't over, my hair is still black. I love my black hair plus I do not use earring in my nose.

Until the next time!