Thursday, April 25, 2013


Hey I got my hair Purple :-D . I decided after long time. My hair is natural black but I needed a change for the upcoming summer.

Early this April, a day after my hubby b-day, we went to Washington D.C. to the Cherry Blossom Festival. What a neat city, a lot of tourists We visited most of the monuments. museums and important buildings. As we do not walk enough in our travel in March :-D. We enjoyed our see-view of the city. I think next time will be in bike.

 Finally!!! we found Papa Johns.

Ok, I have to tell u guys April fool hasn't over, my hair is still black. I love my black hair plus I do not use earring in my nose.

Until the next time!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fun Day!

This last weekend my hubby was on B-day! Big noise for him :-) Since I don't have driver license here I did some good walk to get some stuff for his big surprise. The day before his b-day I text him and told him that I was going to walk the square avenue. I got to the store bought all I need, so you imagine I was full hand!! when I got home my mind started planning the big proyect. It was funny because days before the light of the neighborhood went out about a hour because they were working electricity for new apartments  so my hubby show me how to use the heavy big ultra task device thereby I can use the stove's burner in case next time I was alone. So this time he let the device inside the house near the kitchen instead of the car as he usually have it.  This was the best because I used the device to fill all the ballons with air, so I did it right away and fill the ballons before he got  home, the device make noise and I didn't want he know about it. After I had everything calculated I hide all the stuff for the next morning. Everything went so well and his face was priceless when he went downstairs for  breakfast. This was a fun day!!!