Tuesday, June 11, 2013

While I was sleeping...

The other day while I was sleeping I dreamed I was taking a test and I didn't know the answer of any of the question, it was a open question exam so I made up all the answers with the things I barely remembered. It is says our daily lives is the seedbed of our dreams. I haven't take any exam yet,  I don't need Sigmund Freud for this, but it is clear how jumpy I've been all this past days for my upcoming test someday in the near future. I'm reading the DMV's manual. I think Freud may tell me I'm  letting my brain gain control over my emotions. Time for me to wear my Armor.

Meanwhile I'm happy because my first  Two Peas goodies order arrived on the weekened.  So I will be posting in the gallery website more ahead.

I could ride with my father-in law this futuristic machine this last weekend, it was fun.

Do you usually dream??


  1. Muchas gracias por tu comentario.
    Espero que te guste aún más mi siguiente colaboración


  2. yes. it IS always better in the morning. i've been there many times. hugs.