Sunday, September 8, 2013

Far from Home

When your dreams fight with the distance and you feel the need to rely in your mama and papa understanding and love, for they words of view, whether you like or not, when your complain, they give you words of healing and days in recovery become shorter. Between the Caribbean and the North there is a big ocean. I wish have them from some road ride hours, and receive their hugs and their sweet silly joke.

This path is for grow and appreciate even more what I have right now, and rather to fight, accept my journey, perceive who are in my around, no matter my circumstance and not matter their circumstance.
I know I will have the courage, patient every day, I know I will be able to walk again with faith in my YHWH.

Each new day is a blessing, I can breath, I can see you , your kindness, support, your smile, your love, your flowers, the sweet meals surprises, there 's so much beauty in this situation and I can see in you Esposo, te amo.


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  1. Love your words and they are so TRUE! (Me indentifico mucho) :)