Thursday, August 30, 2012

My World

My Esposo posted a quote weeks ago in FB, it says:
I write down everything I want to remember. That way, instead of spending a lot of time trying to remember what it is I wrote down, I spend the time looking for the paper I wrote it down on." - Beryl Pfizer

That's totally me I'm obsessive to write down all information I read and most of the time I  print it to the point I'm a collector of all articles that I like and find appeling, so it is easy to imaging I have drawers with treasure.
At the begging of the month I was digging classifying, I turned reflective and emotional with my library and diaries, visualizing Alicia in Wonderland, long walk and path, through the walk, all approached me and told me they are going to miss me, but they are happy for me, my collection of CDs played a beautiful melody  for me, they are happy, my books were grieving but feel safe, My pictures all dancing of happiness, my works clothes were grumpy. Every item expressed emotions and talked to me, I felt the noise. I understanded them. 

Alice's Sister: Alice. Will you kindly pay attention to your history lesson?
Alice: I'm sorry, but how can one possibly pay attention to a book with no pictures in it?
Alice's Sister: My dear child, there are a great many good books in this world without pictures.
Alice: In this world, perhaps, but in my world, the books would be nothing but pictures.
Alice's Sister: Your world? Huh! What nonsense.
Alice: [getting inspiration] Nonsense?
Alice's Sister: Once more, from the beginning.
Alice: [to her cat] That's it, Dinah. If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrariwise, what it is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be it would. You see?
Dinah: Meow.
Alice: In my world, you wouldn't say "meow." You'd say, "Yes, Miss Alice."
                Alice in Wonderland is a 1951 film, the thirteenth animated feature produced by Walt Disney.


                         "You don't see the world as
                          it is but as you are."
                             -- Goethe


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