Thursday, July 5, 2012

Discover The World

I know Google reader has some quiet time available in internet. I personally subscribed this year. This is a pretty cool and practical tool; you can have all your favorite blogs and websites and built your own newspaper in your screen.

The old time marking favorite WebPages in the explorer are gone. With FB you can have preview headlines and with Google Reader the whole information. I confess I´ve spending more time checking out GR than FB.

As I was super busy in the begging of the year, last month I finished transfer the rest of the blogs and websites and categorizing by subjects files. Right now  I have blogs about fashion, make up, motherhood, food and recipes, psychology, spirituality, this are the things that inspire me which I enjoy to dig in. I can definitely say I have been exploring some of the best blogs in the world.

A little view from my personal Google Reader's favorite:

Shakespeare in Love :-), It is  Tales of me and the Husband,  a review from this blog episode The Bachelorette( Emily ), One of my favorites, I'm such a romantic.

                            off course  :-;

In the time I have been using GR, I have learned a lot and meditative in different articles, maybe we are not a 8G memory to remember our new world media encyclopedia but always remain something and we can built a new approach view to our life. Internet is a wonderful tool with all the information in our reach you have the power to use it in a positive way.



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