Thursday, June 7, 2012

Beach Escape

Past week there was only one thing I thought about all the time: Beach. I work from Monday to Friday, Sarturday until noon, so my weekends generally gone in a open-close eyes. I decided for this past weekend my escape to the beach absolutely urgent.  The custom in my country is spagetti or fish. I chose to prepare a lasagña and enjoy there with family, umm delisioso. The were plenty people at the beach, however I could find a peaceful spot while I was walking in the shore and took a few shots at the sunset.

In above picture I captured two couple kissing, it almost visible but you can see they form two hearts <3

    My  lasagna has a sun, perfect for the beach.

In this beach I had amazing time with mi Esposo at the beggining of the year.  I look at the landscape and remember it feels nice. We are really sourround by true beauty and you can see it wherever you are. I think if people become more like nature and reflect the peace and beauty in their actions it would be a better world.

Now I come back to the noisy city taking the beach with me :-)




  1. me encanta!!

  2. Hola guapa!
    Que pasada de fotos, unas vistas preciosas!
    Y la lasaña tiene muy buena pinta
    Un besazo

  3. Lovely photos and I could really enjoy your lasagna after a long walk on that gorgeous beach!

  4. creo que la playa es una de los mejores lugares para despejarse, además se ve en las fotos un sitio tranquilo :)
    a mi es que el mar me parece una de las mejores cosas del mundo *-*