Saturday, May 26, 2012

Music To My Ears

I'm in a new office space due to I took a co-worker position who gave birth her first child. As I'm in close and private space now I can appreciate more the low tone music while I do my work. I enjoy all type of music house, merengue, pop rock, smooth music. Maybe you have noticed that some type of songs are able to change our mood to happy, sad, hyper or relaxing depending of the type and the lyrics is about.  This change in our mood is because music affect our body and brain. There has been a lot researched about the power of music in our body and how can stimulate the brain producing healing, decresing anxiety and allowing the blood vessel relaxed and open up.

At home I have a CD box  with the Master of Classical Music, a uncle's gift which  I seldom play. As at beginning I was full of work undone in my new temporal position, I needed to play a music who let me be in calm state so I tried the Master Classical CD box. After some couple of days playing I was joyfully pleasant,  my work was flowing seeing my myself getting progress and also enjoying my work. Now I'm seeing myself prefering it all the time, there has been days when I didnt turn on the windows media player in a half of day I realized I miss hearing Bach, Mozart, Beethoven or Tchaikouvsky which are my favorites. 

Overture No.3 in D Mayor Air on G String and Canon in D was two of the classical  music pieces played in my wedding  ceremony suggested by my husband which I liked right away and identified with. I remember walking in the aisle hearing the lovely piece Canon in D in a beautiful garden, staring smiling at my husband's eyes, feeling love and support of family and friends. 

                                             Sorry  Beethoven  CD is  at office :-)

I definitely I'll be posting more about classical music which  is part of my life now.

Love and blessings,


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