Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tour Trip to Israel -Shalom

Once Upon a Time there's a group-trip called 3T tour lead by Keith Johnson which purpose was to find the truth and spy  the beautiful holy land of Israel, hiking, explore every mountain and historical biblical place.

Our personal trip started Saturday March 2, 2013 from USA to Tel Aviv,  Israel. ( 6 hours to Copenhagen, Denmark layover 7:10 am arrival, leaving at 9:00 am departure to Tel Aviv, Israel. We arrived at 2:20 pm to Gurion Airport ) .  ****** :-) In our way to custom my hubby dropped one of our neck pillow lol, when we realize, we went back to get it, after walking for a while, we didn't find it, it seem was finded by another now owner lol. ***** :-)  In the airport I saw a big picture of  Bratt pitt which was kind of funny to my point of view because it was a old picture ( I wasn't expecting anything American) also I saw a Katie Holmes advertising Jewels.(note:  people are not allow to take pictures in the airport) . After receiving our tourist card, picking our suitcase, and get money for ATM we took a taxi who take us at our hotel in Tel Aviv. He drove us through one of the popular street: ALLENBY which I felt I have to walk that street which we did the following day.

The balcony of our hotel room has the most peaceful and relaxing view for our first day was beautiful, you can see the white-beige buildings, the cars, the stop lighting, and in the right side the waves of the beach kissing the sand.

Monday March 4, 2013 the first thing in the morning was walk and feel what we eyes saw from the 10th floor balcony live. We walked the beach , **** :-) we saw a sign  no diving in three language **** :-) .
We felt the windy breeze, the sun, the blue water, in our way back instead of walking of the shore we walked the street we met tourist and local people and car running in the street.

In the afternoon we walked Allenby Street, we encounter many local beautiful people, lots of local stores, gift shops, Israeli's bus, it was a exciting feeling. I felt like in a movie. Crossing a street we saw a hippie boy dancing with a vintage radio, turning our heads right we saw a local market called Carmel Market. My hubby and I went to explore. The market was colorful, here you found clothes, t-shirts, accessories  flowers, fruits, vegetables, of course our favorite : the spices , we tried Shawarma; which is one of the popular middle east food, so it is natural season mix of 7 to 14 ground spices. We like the flavor very much.
After walking three times the market, because we tried to take other street in our way to Jaffa , we took again the Carmel Market to find our way to the hotel lol, we took again Allenby street straight and some left to the second hotel we stayed which the whole group-trip will be for meeting.
In our 3 walk to Carmel Market we also tried Halva which is some dense light sweet dessert from middle east, it is funny because after tasting you can't properly describe and remember the name until you search in google.

Monday 4, 2013 at 700 pm we joined 3T , first meeting of the group. It was a group of strangers who become family for almost 2 weeks, we met Keith Johnson, Joshua ( shookie)our tour guide in Israel.
Keith first words : It was YHWH's plans bring you here, I won't forget those words because in that moment became clear to me, that I was chosen by YHWH to meet this meaningful Land, and I never though exploring  the scripture so vividly, in the place that took place. And also because my point of view was as unsafe travel.  I have to say it is more safe that you can imagine there were kids goings to school alone in the morning, little and big kids  I saw some kids in the night walking alone, what it may seem a little extreme. and more extreme we went to West Bank to visited Bethlehem, which I was amazed at the hospitality of the Palestine  They were courteous during our lunch at the palms Cafe and the middle eastern food was delicious; salad, hummus, Falafel and chicken.

In the meeting Keith present to our tour guide Joshua ( shookie). He is very well known of his land, he gave us a lot interesting information, history, economic, culture and biblical of course. He was also very funny. I'm still laughing when he said the moment were going to our way down to Herodian's cave: '' This is the place were the head of John The Baptizer was cut ''.    Well I was not laughing I was scare :-).

Keith always kept us in suspense what was next in our trip and always explained the important of the place we visited. Keith  also told the group to choose a biblical name. Chris and I picked Issac and Rivka ( Rebecca . We also learn  and practice some Hebrew words, ( well maybe three words).

will continue...

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